At Morrison Dental Group, we believe that dentistry is a work of art. It’s beyond just the science of taking care of teeth—it’s about bringing each patient’s vision to life to establish a smile they love. We are passionate about providing quality dental care and strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for our patients. Through our whitening options, we present the opportunity for people in Williamsburg, VA to enjoy brighter, whiter smiles by means convenient for them.

Whether you are after quick results in the office, controllable progress at home, or need recommendations to fit your particular case, Morrison Dental Group has a teeth whitening solution for you! So if you’ve been seeking teeth whitening in Williamsburg, your search ends here. Come see us today to get started on your brighter tomorrow!

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Your smile is one of the first features people notice about you. It can communicate your emotions, your approachability, and even your level of confidence. The condition of your smile can impact the way you are perceived in both personal and professional settings, which may in turn affect your relationships and career prospects.

While the occasional coffee or wine stain may not cause concern, the significant discoloration can leave you feeling self-conscious and even anxious in social situations. You may find yourself hiding your smile or avoiding smiling altogether, which can send the wrong message to those around you. A whiter, brighter smile can give you the boost of confidence you need to face the world with your head held high.

If you are ready to share your smile with the world, Morrison Dental Group can help. We invite you to review the teeth whitening methods we offer below and contact our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We look forward to speaking with you!

Zoom!® Whitening*

This in-office teeth whitening procedure is quick, effective, and leaves you with a stunning new smile. With just one 90–120-minute appointment, your teeth can whiten up to eight shades! Philips Zoom LED light-accelerated technology and gel whitens teeth rapidly while helping to deliver enamel protection, improve luster, and reduce sensitivity. Call your nearest MDG office to schedule!

*Not available in all locations

QuickPro® Whitening

One quick in-office QuickPro whitening appointment can brighten your smile by 2-4 shades! With minimal sensitivity, the gel application of QuickPro is a great option for patients looking to boost their smiles! Just 45 minutes stand between you and your gorgeous new smile!

Philips DayWhite® or NiteWhite®

Looking for a better way to whiten at home? Philips DayWhite and NiteWhite gel syringes are perfect for you to whiten on the go or overnight! Just apply the gel to your custom trays or night guard and let it get to work. This gradual whitening process can improve the appearance of your smile in just two weeks!

Opalescence Go!™ Whitening

Need a better alternative to your drug store whitening kits? Opalescence Go! Whitening trays come in easy-to-use, prefilled trays that pair professional strength teeth whitening with unrivaled convenience! This gradual process whitens your teeth over the course of 5-10 days for noticeable results. It can also be used to maintain your new, white smile after completing an in-office whitening procedure.

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