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Endview Plantation

Newport News, in the state of Virginia, is home to the historic site known as Endview Plantation. This plantation’s illustrious past can be traced all the way back to the time of the American Revolution, which occurred 238 years ago. It was once a prosperous tobacco plantation, but today it serves as a reminder of the extensive history that can be found in Virginia, as well as a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.


William Harwood, a prosperous Virginia planter, started construction on Endview Plantation in the year 1769. Tobacco was the primary crop that was grown on the plantation, which was established on the banks of the Warwick River and occupied the entire property. After William Harwood’s death in 1775, the plantation was taken over by William Harwood II, who was the eldest son of the original owner.

During the time of the American Revolutionary War, the plantation served as a hospital for those soldiers who were injured in the conflict. During the Battle of Yorktown, which took place in 1781, General George Washington and his officers used this house as their headquarters.

During the 19th century, the plantation was owned by a number of influential families from Virginia, including the Curtis, Youngs, and Hiden families. The plantation underwent a transition from being a tobacco plantation to a dairy farm during this time period. The plantation was sold to Dr. Humphrey Harwood Curtis in 1858, and he was responsible for making significant alterations to the architecture of the house.

During the time of the American Civil War, Endview Plantation was under the control of both the Confederacy and the Union. During the Peninsula Campaign in 1862, the house was utilized by the Confederate forces as a hospital. During the Battle of Fort Fisher in 1864, Union General Benjamin Butler made use of the plantation as his headquarters. The battle took place there.

During the 20th century, the plantation served both as a place of residence and as a working dairy farm. The city of Newport News purchased the plantation in 1948, and it was eventually converted into a museum after the purchase.

Today at the Endview Plantation

People who are interested in history frequently visit Endview Plantation because it is such a well-known historical site. The plantation house, which has been restored to look exactly as it did in 1862, is open for tours to guests. The home has been meticulously restored and decorated with period pieces and artifacts to tell the story of the plantation.

The plantation’s grounds, which can be explored by guests, feature a garden, a smokehouse, and a kitchen building, among other structures. The plantation’s most productive years were the years that led to the creation of the garden’s herbs and vegetables.

Endview Plantation provides educational programs for students of all ages in addition to offering tours of the grounds. Throughout the course of the year, the plantation plays host to a number of unique events, such as reenactments of Civil War battles, living history programs, and seasonal celebrations.

The gift shop at Endview Plantation sells mementos and other items that have some connection to the plantation’s history. This shop is open to guests of the plantation.


The Endview Plantation occupies a significant place in the history of Virginia. The fact that this plantation, which is 238 years old, has survived wars, fires, and hurricanes is a testament to the state of Virginia’s long and illustrious history. Visitors who are interested in history frequently make the trip to Endview Plantation because it is such a well-known historical site. Endview Plantation is one of those places in Newport News that absolutely everyone should check out, regardless of whether they are history buffs, students, or casual tourists.

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