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Lee Hall Mansion

The mid-19th century Lee Hall Mansion is a historic home that can be found in Newport News, Virginia. The mansion, which is a superb illustration of Greek Revival architecture, was significant in the American Civil War. Today, it draws tourists from all over the world as a well-liked tourist destination.

The Lee Hall Mansion’s History

Richard Decauter Lee, a well-known planter and businessman in Warwick County, constructed the mansion in 1858. The home was created by architect Thomas C. Wilson in the time-honored Greek Revival design. The mansion had two staircases leading to the second floor, a grand ballroom, and sixteen rooms.

The mansion served as the Confederate Army’s command center during the American Civil War. The mansion was where General J.E.B. Stuart and his staff lodged while participating in the Peninsula Campaign in 1862. The mansion was used as a hospital by the Union Army, which also occupied it during the conflict. Despite some wartime damage, the mansion was later brought back to its former splendor in the 1890s.

In 1990, the mansion was made a public museum after being given as a gift to the city of Newport News in 1987. Today, guests can tour the mansion and discover its fascinating past.

Lee Hall Mansion tour

As visitors tour the 16 rooms of Lee Hall Mansion, they will travel back in time. The dining room, parlor, and grand entrance hall are all located on the first floor. A gorgeous chandelier and a fireplace that was once used to heat the space can be found in the parlor. Up to 12 people can sit at the large table in the dining room, which also has a fireplace with an elaborate mantel.

Four bedrooms and a large ballroom can be found on the mansion’s second floor. The bedrooms are furnished with antiques and decorated in various historical aesthetics. A standout feature of the mansion is the ballroom, which has a high ceiling, a lovely chandelier, and elaborate moldings. During the middle of the 19th century, social gatherings and dances took place in the ballroom.

The mansion’s cellar, which houses a kitchen, a laundry room, and a wine cellar, is also open to visitors. The kitchen has an open hearth and antique cookware. A washboard and other antique laundry supplies are located in the laundry room. The wine cellar displays the varieties of wines that were in vogue in the middle of the 19th century.

Lee Hall Mansion hosts special events.

Annual celebrations at Lee Hall Mansion include Civil War reenactments, historical lectures, and winter holidays events. Additionally, the mansion can be rented for private occasions like weddings and business gatherings. Weddings frequently take place in the grand ballroom, which has space for 150 guests.

Visitors can learn about life in the Civil War era by visiting Lee Hall Mansion’s Civil War encampment during the summer. Reenactors portraying soldiers and civilians living their daily lives during the war can be seen at the encampment. Also available to visitors are military drills and historical music.

The Lee Hall Mansion is decked out for the holidays in customary Victorian fashion. Live holiday music is available while guests take a tour of the mansion. Visitors can buy handmade goods and presents at the mansion’s seasonal market.


Anyone with an interest in history or architecture should visit Lee Hall Mansion. The mansion offers a look at the middle of the 19th century and displays the magnificence of Greek Revival architecture. Visitors can take a tour of the mansion and discover more about its significant Civil War role. Throughout the year, the mansion also puts on special events that give guests a one-of-a-kind and instructive experience. Lee Hall Mansion is undoubtedly worth a visit, whether you’re interested in history or are just looking for a novel experience.

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