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Ahealthy mouth has a surprisingly large impact on your physical wellbeing and quality of life. Gums and teeth that are well cared for ensure you can enjoy little things like laughing, dining with friends, and enjoying cold drinks. As a patient, it’s important to trust the providers who are handling your dental care. To give our clients confidence in our treatments and recommendations, we offer educational resources both online and in our office. If you’re looking for Dentists in Newport News, VA who can take care of your entire family, look no further. Meet our Newport News dentists below or click here to schedule an appointment.

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Dentists in Newport News VA, Dr. Jesús Sánchez

Dr. Jesús Sánchez
Newport News Dentist Office:
(757) 874-5511

Also Serving Williamsburg: (757) 220-0330
Also Serving Norge: (757) 258-7778
Also Serving Chincoteague: (757) 336-1260

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Dentists Norge VA

Dr. Edy Fülöp
Norge Dentist Office:
(757) 874-5511

Also Serving Williamsburg: (757) 220-0330
Also Serving Chincoteague: (757) 336-1260

Meet Dr. Fülöp

Making a Difference With Dentistry in Newport News VA

Our goal is to make a difference in the communities we serve. Founded on the belief that dentists should only recommend treatments patients truly need, we are proud to say that many of our clients have recommended our practice to their friends and family after undergoing a successful treatment. Reading the testimonials of patients who have painlessly improved their oral health is one of the biggest rewards we can earn.

Whether you need a simple routine treatment plan, or are ready to correct your smile with one of our trained orthodontists, we look forward to making a difference in your life one tooth at a time.

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Patient Reviews:

I love this group. They are very personable and caring. You are more than just an appointment to them.

Payment Options for Dental Treatments

Don’t let financial struggles stop you from taking charge of your dental health. We understand that dental treatments can add stress to a person’s bank balance, but our dentists in Newport News, VA make dental care accessible for people from all financial backgrounds.

To better serve our community, we accept a number of different payment options. We accept payment from a number of different insurance providers, and offer financing plans for preventative and cosmetic care are available upon request. If needed, patients can join one of our in-house dental benefit plan for coverage on cosmetic and preventative treatments.

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Looking for an Exceptional Experience with a Newport News Dentist?

A healthy mouth is the first step to a long and exciting life. Cavities, crooked teeth, and gum infections are all ailments that can be prevented and corrected with proper treatment. Thanks to our team of experienced dental professionals, a pain-free lifestyle is just a phone call away.

Improve your long term health today with a simple dental check-up. Make an appointment with one of our dentists in Newport News, VA today.