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Did you know that at times a tooth extraction can be good for your smile? Extractions can save other teeth from damage and decay. A severely infected or damaged tooth can hurt the surrounding teeth and cause more problems by spreading decay. If a tooth is past the point of being saved by a dental crown, an extraction may be needed. Putting off a recommended extraction could harm your smile over time.

Extractions are carefully performed by your dentist after he ensures that you are comfortable and relaxed. Sedation dentistry plays an important role in helping you feel at ease throughout a dental extraction. Once sedation is administered, it goes to work within minutes allowing you to be unbothered throughout your appointment. You may remember little to nothing once your extraction is complete. 

Once a tooth has been carefully extracted, your dentist will be able to go over treatment options for replacing a missing tooth. Leaving a gap in your smile can lead to other teeth shifting out of place, difficulty chewing and lowered self-esteem. Your dentist can present possible options such as dental implants, bridges or crowns. If you are in need of a tooth extraction, pick up the phone to set up a consultation! Your dentist will examine your smile and inform you of the best possible treatment options. Take care of your smile by taking the first step towards getting the care that you need!


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