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Dental emergencies can happen at the most unexpected times. We get calls almost every day from patients who need to get in the office quickly for severe tooth pain or other emergencies. The best way to prevent dental emergencies is to keep up on your regular dental visits. Your dentist can evaluate your teeth regularly to check for signs of decay, infection or other problems that can be treated before they become emergencies. However, even with regular visits, dental emergencies may happen.

If you are faced with tooth pain, here are a few things you can try while waiting to be seen by your dentist:

  • Place a cold compress on the area if swollen.
  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater to help with possible infection.
  • Floss around the area of your tooth that hurts in case food is stuck around the tooth causing pain.
  • Ibuprofen can help with the pain and swelling as well.

Ultimately, the best decision when dealing with a toothache or other dental emergency is to be seen by your dentist right away. A toothache can get worse very quickly if left untreated. Many dental emergencies including a broken tooth, mouth injury from sports, and severe toothaches need looked at by your dentist as soon as possible for recommended treatment. Your dentist will evaluate the problem, treat the pain and help you with the best possible solution. If you find yourself with a dental emergency, call our office to get in quickly! We will work hard to find our soonest open appointment and get you the care that you need.


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