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dentists in williamsburg vaA successful trip to the dentist involves trust and comfort. All of us at Morrison Dental Group will partner with you to achieve your optimal dental health. Our dentist offices are conveniently located in Williamsburg, Norge, and Chincoteague, Virginia. Our dentist offices in Williamsburg, Norge and Chincoteague contain modern technology to make your experience simple, comfortable, and as painless as possible.

This practice was founded on the principle of conservative dental treatment for our patients. Our guiding philosophy is that we will not recommend treatment that we would not perform on a family member. As your dentist, we make decisions with you, not for you. The best measure of our success is the referral of your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your confidence in us.

If you’re looking for a great team of dentists in Williamsburg VA, Norge or Chincoteague to treat you and your family, call us today! At Morrison Dental Group, our dentists treat families from age 2 to 102!

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dentists in williamsburg vaDo you or a loved one suffer from chronic headaches or migraines? Relief is in sight with Morrison Migraine Center! Call or visit our website to learn more about TruDenta technology and living pain free! Also see the article about Morrison Migraine Center in the most recent issue of House & Home magazine. Our dentists in Williamsburg VA go beyond oral care to provide true pain relief for those suffering from migraines. Call us today at (757) 345-6899.

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Dentists in Williamsburg VaWe are pleased to announce that Morrison Dental Assistant School is now offering courses in both Dental Office Administration and Dental Assisting! Each course is 11 weeks and provides real-world training in our dental offices. Visit our school website or call (757) 818-4999 to learn more! Learn from a great team of dentists in Williamsburg VA and Morrison Education Center!

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Our CBCT system is located in our Cranial Facial Imaging Center (CFIC), adjacent to the Morrison Dental Group’s Norge office. It was founded in 2006 by Dr. Morrison and Dr. Murphy to provide health professionals in the greater Williamsburg area with Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) or 3D imaging of the head and neck including the sinuses. Meet the dentists in Williamsburg VA who use the latest technology to care for your oral health!

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Our dentists in Williamsburg va at Morrison Dental Group main goal is to improve our patients overall health, not just dental health. When patients visit any of our three offices for a routine dental appointment, they receive so much more than “just a cleaning”. You will hear our team refer to these visits as Hygiene Care Appointments.

Our dental assistants and hygienists take special care to listen to all of your dental and health needs. Next, a dental assistant will take routine x-rays, as prescribed by the American Dental Association’s (ADA) guidelines. X-rays allow our dentists to see any problems or potential problems early on, before the patient may even realize they have an issue. Many times, this prevents the patient from experiencing pain, and also keeps office visits (and bills) to a minimum. (Click HERE to learn more about our digital, extraoral x-rays.) Third, the hygienist will clean your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar (also called calculus) that has built up since your last appointment. She will also check for any gum recession and possibilities for periodontal disease. Lastly, the dentist will come in to review any x-rays and to complete a full head, mouth, and neck exam, checking for any tooth decay, worn or cracked teeth, TMJ health and an oral cancer screening.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is extremely important to your overall health and well being. Poor dental health can lead to other health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Our team takes every precaution to be sure our patients remain healthy and happy. We have three offices, located in Williamsburg, Norge, and Chincoteague to serve our communities. We see patients of all ages, and can provide services from Hygiene Care to Adult Orthodontics, root canals, extractions and crowns in one visit right in the office.

If you are still looking for dentists in williamsburg Va, we hope that you will take some time to browse our site as you search for the perfect dentist for your family. Read our dentists’ biographies, check out dentist reviews from real patients and learn about our technology. We hope you will call us to address any dental concerns you may have, or to schedule your appointment. We look forward to meeting you, and welcoming you to our home!